October Wedding Update

Ok, ok.. I know this is supposed to be a blog about making the most of money, and generally a traditional wedding costs a lot. BUT, my parents want me to have a traditional wedding in a church, with a reception, and they are paying, so I can't say no (and honestly I'm excited!). Anyway, we are about 9 months out from the wedding right now, and some planning is done - but so much still needs to happen!

Here's where we stand on the to do list.
1: Ceremony Venue - check!

2: Reception Venue - check!

3: Wedding Dress - check! (but that's not me in the pic.. haha)

4: Bridesmaids Dresses - check!

5: Photographer - mailed the deposit today!

6: Grooms(men) attire - not yet, but it will look like this:

7: Save the Dates - not yet, but they're designed (they'll be magnets) and the guest list is almost finalized! (and the wedding website is up, which is blanked out below)

8: Flowers - not yet, I know I want Alstroemeria, but need to make more decisions about what arrangements will look like.

9: Invitations - not yet
10: DJ - not yet
11: Cake - not yet
12: Transportation - not yet
13: Rehearsal Dinner - not yet
14: Everything else - not yet!!!

So we still have a ways to go, but now that I've got the ceremony and reception venue, and the photographer, I feel a lot better! The rest of the stuff is less critical, since there are plenty of DJs, bakers, and restaurants in the area. Planning from 2500 miles away is difficult, but so far things are running pretty smoothly! (knock on wood!)


Kate said...

So excited for you! I love everything you've chosen so far, it looks like it's going to be a beautiful wedding.

LizzieBeth said...

Aww, JEGs and I were looking at June 19, but, to save money (something i know you are a fan of) we chose July instead.

love all your ideas! You've got so much done!!


Jenny said...

Yeah, we were going to look at other days, but unfortunately I'm in grad school in Arizona and summer was about the only time we were free. My mom is a teacher in Connecticut, too, so if I want her help I had to set it for after she gets out of school. If it weren't for all these time constraints, I definitely would have loved to do it in October.

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