Blog Action Day

October 15 is Blog Action Day. The cause highlighted this year is climate change. Sure, some people think it is a natural cycle, while others argue there is definitive proof that human activities are causing unnatural climate change.

I have my own opinions, but since I know everyone is entrenched in their own beliefs, I'll refrain from preaching or lecturing. Instead, I'd like to highlight one critical problem that faces much of the world, and will be acutely aggravated by climate change (human cause or natural).

Water Resources
Much of the developing world lacks access to clean water sources. Many illnesses in third world countries are caused by inadequate water treatment and contamination from waste and trash. Simple bacteria can cause the deaths of an entire village, which is something we take for granted in the United States. Water treatment facilities can be fairly inexpensive, but most rural third world communities lack the technical knowledge or financial resources to complete these projects. As climate change shifts weather patterns, water will become more scarce in already arid regions, and flooding will occur in already rainy areas. These weather changes will exacerbate the problem of access to clean drinking water.

The Water Project is dedicated to providing clean drinking water for impoverished countries. Please help.


Katie @ said...

So very true. I love The Water Project. And you're right - climate change or no, it's a serious issue. I'm having fun reading your blog. The Thursday Theories are my favorite.

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